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How do you know it is time to move on and find a new amazing job

Are you having itchy feet or is it your survival instinct kicking in? Is it time to leave or is it time to re-evaluate your role within your current organisation? Perhaps you have added as much value as you can, you have worked across multiple business units and it is indeed time to spread your wings. The only place left for growth is now external and outside of your immediate environment

See if you identify with this behaviour as a quick litmus check.

You keep quiet during the meeting because you feel that your opinion is overlooked. You don’t put your hand up when there is extra work to be done (not like you used to before).

You remember how much vigour you had when you first started this job. You remind yourself that this is not who you are. You are not a mediocre or average employee, but you are potentially an employee who needs to move on.

Is it time to find a new job

Arguably, you may try a different approach in the next meeting and get different results. Perhaps you just need a well-deserved holiday to recharge your batteries and enter the work environment feeling refreshed. However, for the most part, when you find yourself in a lacklustre work environment that doesn’t invigorate your spirit, your survival instinct will kick in. That go-getter inside of you wants to get closer to his or her goals. And the go-getter will get up and go! When you start getting that nagging feeling, it may be time to explore. It may be time to move on and find a new amazing job. Don’t overlook internal opportunities though, you have a few things counting in your favour: existing rapport, existing networks and you know how most of the systems fit together. For you to transition into a more senior role is significantly easier than trying in a new organisation. In the new company, you need to get to know management styles, systems plus a new role with added responsibilities.

That being said, if your current organisation cannot give you what you need, that go-getter inside of you wants to get closer to his or her goals. And the go-getter will get up and go!

Leaving your company after several years may not be a bad move, you will learn new skills in a new organisation and become more marketable. Job Hopping is of course not advisable, but this is a topic for another day.

Resigning in the correct way from your job

Exiting your organisation gracefully (and quietly)

Never burn any bridges. No matter how tempted you may feel. No matter how disgruntled you may be. Do not exit off the back of negativity around the company, your soon-to-be ex-boss and or colleagues.

Exiting gracefully puts you in a position of power, because it leaves a good network behind. The old saying goes that it is a small world and the same is probably true for the industry you work in; your boss may jump ship and join you in the new organisation down the line.

How you leave a job may be as important to your career as how you entered the role in the first instance. Do not leave a bad impression.