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Should you send your CV, what happens to a CV when it is sent to HR or an Agent?

Let’s face it, more often than not, when a CV is sent through it is not properly stored or processed, resulting in zero call-backs for the employee on the other end. Poorly functioning Application Tracking Systems or poor internal processes makes it hard to view all good CVs that some recruiters or hiring managers have in their vault.

Some roles are complex and do take longer to finalise, some prospective employees may find themselves in this part of the recruitment funnel. A good talent search executive will make you aware of this and manage your expectations throughout the process.

The question then arises whether or not you should send your CV out to a prospective employer?

The Recruitment Value Chain

The recruitment value chain

Many candidates have at some point in the recruitment value chain, had a bad experience. Some candidates decide to not send their CV in fear of wasting their time. Which is entirely understandable, however…

A good talent acquisition specialist will take your CV, send it out to their network and store it properly to ensure that you do get a callback. (Either from them in the future or one of the individuals in their network) Sometimes this person who referred your CV would be mentioned in a phone call, sometimes not. The efficacy of tracking your CV sending is hard to manage. You may be getting zero CV callbacks, this is a discussion point for another post, however. (If this is YOU, definitely get in touch with us! Post haste!)

Have a good Talent Acquisition Specialist in your corner

You need to work with a great Talent Acquisition Specialist or company that can track the real results of your applications. In fact, partner with a company that can put this control into your hands. There is no such thing as a ‘wasted CV send’ if this protocol is followed.

You may not always know the source of your referral but know that it is always necessary to send your CV! If you are still deciding whether or not to send your CV, know that it is necessary to get you closer to getting employment. 

Searching for candidates

Simplifying the Recruitment and or Search process

Job Gateway recognised the need to simplify the recruitment process and improve the recruitment value chain through smart technology. This is why Job Gateway candidates stand out. Job Gateway was established to streamline the process of employment for the employee, employer and agency. Technology and innovation facilitate the process, but people are at the heart of what we do. We assist business to achieve their staffing objectives by using the platform made available to them through Job Gateway. We assist employees by creating a Gateway for employers to find them. We help employees market themselves to these prospective employers in a proactive manner.

Job Gateway assists agencies by connecting them with top talent and scarce skills within niche areas.

If you peel away the layers of technology (which drives the process and makes the cogs turn) helping people and bringing about transparency is at the core of what we are passionate about.