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Fraud Analyst

Data AnalyticsGauteng

A leader in the fintech arena, based in Johannesburg, is seeking a fraud analyst that has a substantial part to play in the examination of the business functions of the organization to ascertain the probable regions of fraud and to evade fraud in future


  • Well informed about the policies of the Data Security Standards (DSS) and Payment Card Industry (PCI)
  • Well versed in managing the risk handling procedures, data safeguarding tools, and electronic payment fraudulence
  • Possess the capability to find out apt solutions by spending minimum amount of time for the fraudulence occurring in the organization
  • Be an analytical and detail-oriented person with an ability to think logically and reasonably
  • The primary responsibility is to determine any potential fraud action or leery activity that may be carried out in the organization
  • Examine the transaction information and electronic accounts existing in the organization
  • Ensure that the organization is free from any kind of fraud incidents or occurrences
  • Determining additional security care and operation, creating useful strategies and techniques that will help to strengthen these sections of the organization and make them reluctant against any forthcoming fraudulent activities
  • Sometimes, the end users experience unlawful transactions taking place through their financial accounts. In such cases, it is the duty of the fraud analyst to find suitable and apt solutions for the same with the help of proper assessment and research techniques and methodologies
  • Maintain an elaborated record and documentation of the fraud events that have taken place in the past Making use of these records to investigate the current fraud issues and determining effective resolutions for the same. Also takes effective steps to make sure that no such events take place in the organization
  • Provide competent suggestions and recommendations by developing loss reduction techniques for the organization


  • Fraud
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Security Standards
  • Payment Card Industry
  • Electronic Payment Fraud
  • Education Tertiary Degree
  • Experience 5+ Years

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